Fertigation Assembly

Fertigation system - system by which water and fertilizer can be injected into the Dripp Irrigation System. Fertigation System integrates Primary Filtration of water, injection of Fertilizer/Chemicals into the main water flow, secondary filtration then flowing into the distribution lines of the irrigation lines. It helps to provide the right fertilizer proportion and water quantity. It reduces manual efforts and labor.

  • No fertilizer sprayer required
  • No manpower required for fertilizer spraying.
  • Reduces use of Fertilizer as correct proportion of fertilizer required is directly given to the plant
  • Prevents drip lines from clogging/blockages
  • Conserves water
  • Saves time and effort
  • Easy to handle
  • Light weight
  • High performance
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Usage: Agriculture, Irrigating
  • Speed: 100-700 r/min
  • Water Yield: 3-50 m3/h