Gajanand Screen Filters


Efficiently removes impurities such as hard inorganic particulates such as sand, trash, scale, including Trash, sand, silt, and other contaminants like algae, clog drip emitters and micro-sprinklers, helps increase efficiency of valves operation and results in overall significant increase in system efficiency leading to a excellent system performance.

GAJANAND Screen Type Filters are available in standard aperture size of 120 micron. Approved by BIS as per IS:12975-1994 for sizes from 2”, 2½” & 3” with flow rates from 30 m3/h, 40 m3/h & 50 m3/h.

  • Approved by BIS as per IS:12975-1994
  • Manufactured from special Engineering plastic to provide sturdiness for rugged use resistance.
  • It is built from corrosive and chemical resistant material so it has very high chemical and weather resistance.
  • Scientifically designed to withstand wide fluctuations in pressures.
  • Pressure drop at Maximum operating water flow of 72 m3/hour, is only 0.25 kg/cm2.
  • Available in standard aperture size of filter is 120 micron.
  • Also available in other aperture sizes if required.
  • Males Threaded BSPT Standard end connections are available.
  • Have wide range of filters to select from.
Size 2” 2 ½” 3”
Maximum Pressure 8 kg/cm2 8 kg/cm2 8 kg/cm2
Flow Rate Range 20-35m3/h 35-45m3/h 40-50m3/h
Clean Pressure Drop 0.25Kg.cm2 0.25Kg.cm2 0.5 Kg.cm2
  • Built from engineering plastic to last long in hot and dry climate
  • UV resistivity protects from Sunlight
  • Non-corrosive and Rust proof built
  • Weather Resistant
  • Simple efficient Design
  • No moving parts
  • Zero Maintenance – Low Maintenance Cost
  • Cost Effective Solution to Farmers
  • Easy to handle, install because of its small size and lightweight design